Thermal Spray Coatings

Coatings can vastly increase the service life of components. This in turn reduces maintenance and the size of replacement inventory.

JaCoat, the coating division of George A. Wright & Son, specializes in the design and application of thermal flame spray coatings. We can draw upon an inventory of over 150 different coating materials from pure metals and hard face alloys to ceramics and carbides.

Established in 1975, JaCoat has developed a line of proprietary coatings specified as OXYLON COATINGS that are designed to optimize wear resistance, coefficient of friction, non-skid, traction and release properties. All coatings are tailored to our customers’ exact specifications whether they call for laboratory testing, machine finishes, diamond ground or polished surfaces.

JaCoat offers coating applications in almost any process field: part restoration, salvage, maintenance, engineering design and manufacturing, etc. Our sales and technical staff can also provide assistance in recommending the coating that will best suit your application.

In addition to our thermal spray guns, material-turning and automatic traversing devices, we have also designed and installed a 7-axis robotic cell. This unit keeps us on the cutting edge of coating technology and ensures both consistent repeatability and a high degree of accuracy in the coating application.

JaCoat has also designed and manufactured proprietary equipment which allows us to produce coatings with high luster/low R.A. finishes of 2–4. Such a surface finish can be achieved on ceramic, tungsten carbides and hardfaced coating materials as hard as Rc72. All of our coating processes are documented to ensure the exact repeatability of each coating.

In some instances, we can provide on-site coating application outside of our own facilities. On-site application can reduce expensive downtime and transportation.

The JaCoat Division of George A. Wright & Son can provide our customer with complete service from consulting through part manufacturing, preparation, coating and finishing.

Our current coating process equipment inventory includes:

  • Two Thermal Combustion Powder Systems with internal attachments
  • Two Metallizing Wire Systems with internal attachments
  • One High Velocity Oxy Fuel (HVOF)
  • One Arc Wire System
  • Two Plasma Systems
  • Two Internal Plasma Extensions